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  “Do what this whole world cannot – do you!”

When you have the right information when you need it, you can avoid loss, grief, and prosper as you grow. Life-Prescriptions™ provided by Tony Magee, MS, MBA - The Destiny Doctor™ can minimize moments of being disillusioned and confused – those instances that compel us to say, “I wish I had known then what I know now!”

Life-Prescriptions™ are doses of insight to help you achieve your DESTINY ON DEMAND®

Out of Sight, Out of Mind:

I’ve always maintained that people’s lives and minds are just like their closets and garages. If their closets (and garages) were truly organized, their thinking would be too. Many people unconsciously clutter their lives with negative factors, which make it difficult for them to be positive. They seem to surround themselves with unnecessary problems, which produce more possessions, commitments, and relationships. Then they whine about the difficulties within their lives. The solution to this madness is simple. Free yourself from complications. Practice the “out of sight, out of mind” attitude adjustment method. When your mind is not cluttered, life’s smallest rewards seem more abundant and enjoyable. As the best-selling author Dr. Richard Carlson says, “If you don’t sweat the small stuff, it won’t sweat you!”

Improve Your Self-Image:

There was a television commercial in which a very attractive young woman approached a handsome, well-groomed young man in a room full of people. From her viewpoint, everything about this guy was wonderful. She walked right up to the guy and gave him her best pearly-white-teeth smile. When he smiled back at her, his teeth were butter-yellow. With great disappointment, the lady quickly made a cool U-turn and disappeared into the crowd. (It was an advertisement for a new whitening toothpaste from Arm & Hammer.)

Self-improvement of any kind should be applauded, but the overriding reason for improving your self-image is to look better to yourself, not to please others. You should always look your best. When you improve your appearance, you give your positive attitude a large boost.

Increase Your Physical Workout:

Jackie knows what a difference working out can make. Not only has it helped her lose inches and pounds, but it also helped her get through some troubled times. “I was bound and determined to get my life back,” says Jackie, who usually works out at the Spectrum Health Club in West Hills , California . “As I worked out and lost weight, I felt better and better about myself. It kept me strong – both emotionally and physically.” Jackie has put her energy into participating in the L.A. Marathons and AIDS Walk L.A. She finished a sponsored bike ride for AIDS research – from San Francisco to Los Angeles . “I don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t work out,” she says. Jackie hopes others will be inspired by her example. Many fitness buffs depend upon working out to keep themselves out of a “stinkin’ way of thinkin’.”

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